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Full Detail Kit

Sale price $165.00 Regular price $180.81

Your Complete Detailing Arsenal!

We have conveniently organized our Full Detail Kit with all of our must have DEPTH Professional Detailing Products to ensure you have everything you need to detail your vehicle!

Our Full Detail Kit includes the following:

  • Breakdown Degreaser (16oz)
  • 5 Gallon Bucket & Grit Guard
  • Premium Chenille Wash Mitt
  • Bubbles Wash & Wax (16oz)
  • Ideal Wheel Cleaner (16oz)
  • Tire Fire Dressing (16oz)
  • Gloss Sauce (16oz)
  • Platinum Dressing (16oz)
  • 20/20 Glass Cleaner (16oz)
  • Interior Magic (16oz)
  • Stain Blaster (16oz)
  • Black Ice Fragrance (4oz)
  • Dual Ended Detail Brush
  • White Bristle White Wall Brush
  • Tire Dressing Applicator 
  • Ultimate Silk Edged Drying Towel
  • DEPTH Detailing Towel (6pk)
  • Waffle Style Glass Towel
(Picture does not include 5 Gallon Bucket)