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Innovation, technology, and design are the words that define RUPES. Since their founding date of 1947 in Milan, Italy RUPES has become a staple in the Automotive Industry when it comes to manufacturing high quality tools. From the worlds first electric random orbital sander by 1969 to the revolutionary new line of random orbital polishers which take advantage of a larger than normal orbit size they have cemented themselves as innovators. A car polisher manufactured by RUPES goes through rigorous testing before made available for purchase. With RUPES state of the art research and development facility all tools are computer designed and tailored to each respective market’s demands! With the United States debut of the LHR15ES and LHR21ES the industry was changed forever. This new state of the art line of random orbital polishers feature a larger than normal orbit size. The polishers in this new class have earned the name Big Foot. Traditionally random orbital DA polishers have a stroke size of between 4 and 8 millimeters. RUPES Big Foot Random Orbital Polishers feature either a large 15 mm stroke or a massive 21 mm stroke. This allows them to polish the surface a lot quicker while still retaining the finish and safety of other traditional orbital DA polisher designs. The name Rupes (Roo-Pes) stands for “Realizzazione Utensili Pneumatici Elettrici Speciali". RUPES products COMING SOON to our website!

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