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Interior Magic

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Product Description 
Interior Magic is an all purpose cleaner that works well on not only interior and exterior areas but also as a pre treatment for spots and stains. This product works extremely well on door panels, wheels and carpeting.
Product amount - 1 Gallon
Available Size: 16oz, 1gallon, 5gallons, 30, 55 (Please email or call us for bulk purchasing)


Exterior Grill work & Rocker Panels: Spray on surface and allow to sit for 1 minute. Agitate the solution with a sponge. Pressure rinse thoroughly. 

Interior Rubber, Plastic, and Vinyl surfaces: Spray on towel, brush or applicator pad. Apply to surfaces and scrub vigorously. Dry area completely with a clean cloth. 

Upholstery and Carpeting: Pour a few ounces in a bucket and agitate to generate foam. Apply foam (not the solution) to fabric with a towel or brush. Scrub fabric, cleaning the entire panel. Towel dry, then vacuum the cleaned area.